Artificial Intelligence Albert Einstein Chatbot
AI startup UneeQ have launched Digital Einstein, which is essentially a digital human platform that recreates the theoretical physicist’s personality traits and mannerisms. That’s right this AI-powered chatbot is available to anyone who would like to speak with him, 24 hours a day. It can be used to test an individual’s knowledge on a variety of topics through his daily quiz, or just to hold a personal conversation about his life’s work and research. Read more for a video and additional information.

Albert Einstein’s likeness and rights to his research were provided by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, along with Greenlight, a subsidiary of BEN Group Inc. a global rights clearance / licensing company who works to ensure the physicist’s legacy and research have a lasting impact on society. UneeQ also partnered with several innovative companies including Aflorithmic (Digital Einstein’s voice), Goodbye Kansas Studios (Digital Einstein artist rendering), and WolframAlpha (Digital Einstein’s intellectual responses), to make this project a reality.

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Mental health and companionship are long-standing problems facing our society today, of which COVID-19 has significantly exacerbated. One of UneeQ’s core values is ‘Tech for Good’, and we are actively seeking ways to apply our innovative solutions to that cause. As part of our new Companions series, Digital Einstein, among other digital humans, can communicate with people in a way that comes most naturally – using conversation, human expressions and emotional responses to best provide daily interactions that we hope make a difference in people’s lives,” said Danny Tomsett, CEO of UneeQ.

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