Astro Robot Dog AI
Boston Dyamics may be the most well known robotics maker online for their SpotMini and BigDog robots, but researchers at Florida Atlantic University may have something to rival them, called “Astro”. This robot dog uses AI, powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX2 graphics processing units installed in its 3D-printed head, to respond to commands. Yes, it has four teraflops of computing power as well as a radar imaging module, cameras, and a directional microphone to interpret exactly what you’re saying, while still being aware of its environment. Read more for a video and additional information.

The head was 3D-printed to resemble a Doberman pinscher, and uses the graphics processing units to train itself with deep neural network, thus learning from experience to perform human-like tasks. It can respond to commands like “sit,” “stand” and “lie down.” The ultimate goal is for it to be able to understand and respond to hand signals, detect different colors, comprehend various languages, distinguish human faces, and recognize other dogs.

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