Aukey FM Transmitter

AUKEY’s FM Transmitter broadcasts audio from almost all mobile device’s to your car’s FM radio, and it’s being offered for just $6.99 with coupon code: Y53MYPII, today only, originally $24.99. The BT-C4 works with all audio devices equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack and can broadcast all your favorite songs, podcasts, or audio books from your smartphone or other mobile audio devices. If you need to charge your mobile device, it also has you covered with an extra USB port that delivers up to 2.1A of dedicated charging current – powerful enough to charge a tablet. Product page – be sure to enter coupon code: Y53MYPII during final checkout to receive the additional discount. Continue reading for another video review and more information.

If you have an older car, you definitely need this. Plug one end into the spot for your car’s cigarette lighter and the other end into the headphone jack of the device that has your music. Then go to any non-broadcasting channel on your car radio and match that channel on the Aukey device and you’ll be listening to whatever you want from your phone, mp3 player, tablet. I just love that I can play my own music or downloaded podcasts now and not have to listen to commercial after commercial or constantly switching stations to find a song worth listening to,” said one reviewer. More information.