Avio Interiors Economy Plane Seats Coronavirus
Italy-based Aviointeriors knows that once coronavirus-related travel restrictions are lifted, many will still be hesitant to fly, but the firm has unveiled a solution to keep passengers safely distanced. They tout the new seating system can be delivered within as little as six months, while a simpler retrofit concept could arrive within two months. Read more for additional pictures and information.


Avio Interiors Economy Plane Seats Coronavirus
Called Janus, this innovative design has the center seat in a row of three reversed to ensure the maximum isolation between passengers seated next to each other, and an additional clear plastic screen provides additional protection. Despite the complexities of reconfiguring a cabin, this design offers extra privacy.

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Avio Interiors Economy Plane Seats Coronavirus
Think of Glassafe as a bubble made from transparent material that encases the head and shoulders of a passenger. It’s designed to retrofit onto existing cabins, making it quicker, cheaper and less invasive. Without this, airlines may be forced to leave the center seat empty, which would be an inefficient solution to say the least.

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