Batmobile Batman v Superman Replica
You know you’re a DC Comics fanatic, when the first thought that comes to your mind after seeing “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is to build a replica of its Batmobile. First off, it’s not a 100% replica, but rather one that looks 99% of the part, powered by a supercharged Ford F350 Raptor engine making 700 horsepower. The massive wheels you see out back aren’t inflatable, just ones that weigh over 2,200-pounds alone.

Aside from the fire-spitting exhaust, the interior is just as detailed, complete with a host of buttons that unfortunately, are just for looks, but on the bright side, the doors appear to work just like the ones in the movie, swinging upwards when opening. Rather than a typical steering wheel, this Batmobile replica uses a Thrustmaster F1, paired with an automatic transmission. Due to its size, you won’t be able to park this in a standard-sized garage and driving it doesn’t seem to be much easier.

LEGO Technic The Batman – Batmobile 42127 Model Car Building Toy, 2022 Movie Set, Superhero Gifts for Kids and Teen Fans with Light Bricks
  • Features a true-to-life model car - a LEGO Technic replica version of the BATMOBILE, the iconic super-hero car, as seen in the 2022 movie
  • There's lots to explore in this epic car model, with 2 light bricks included, plus an 8-cylinder engine with moving pistons and a spinning flame
  • Other features of this LEGO BATMOBILE model car include front steering, differential on rear wheels, plus opening doors and hood

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