Dinosaur Turtle Russia

At first glance, this turtle may appear to be something straight from Jurassic World, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s just an alligator snapping turtle. The prehistoric-looking creature is the largest species of turtle in the world, thanks to its spiked shell, beaklike jaws, and scaled tail. You’ll normally find it in the rivers and lakes of the southeastern United States and spend most of their lives in the water. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Far from home in the American south-east, it remains a mystery how it turned up alive on the banks of the Amur river, the world’s 10th longest river. Initially social media users said the photograph of the animal was a fake until a video also appeared showing how local people were trying to make the turtle swim back into the river. Speaking at the beginning of the clip, a woman is heard saying: ‘Releasing the beast into the wild,” according to The Daily Mail.

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