Black Moon Supermoon
We’ve experienced many full moons this year, whether it be the “Super Blood Moon” or “Full Worm Supermoon,” but July 31st marks a rare occurrence for Earth’s natural satellite — a phenomenon known as a Black Moon. The rare celestial event is set to occur Wednesday in North America, marking the first occurrence since 2016, and the rest of the planet will experience this phenomenon on August 30th. The Black Moon is a term used to represent the second new moon of a month, which rarely happens outside of leap years, as lunar cycles largely take 29 days to complete. Read more for a video news report and additional information.

New moons are not able to be seen with the human eye, as they travel across the sky with the Sun during the day, but the gravitational influence of the new moon and sun combine to physically affect our water planet, which people along the ocean coastlines may notice in the coming days. A Black Moon could also refer to a third new moon in a season of four new moons; no new moon in February; and no full moon in February.

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