Butterfly Chrysalids
At first glance, these appear to be golden jewels, but in reality, they’re just butterfly chrysalids. To be more specific, the orange-spotted tiger clearwing butterfly resides in the jungles of Central and South America with a wingspan of 65 to 75 millimeters. What really makes it stand out is its pupae, which are golden to say the least and are designed to distract predators and / or discourage them from getting to close. Read more for a video and additional information.

“It is believed that the shiny, reflective cocoon does a good job of concealing the pupa, making it seem like something else – such as hanging drops of water or simple shafts of light- to predators, and can even scare some threats away. Apparently, predators like birds, reptiles and giant spiders tend to run away when they detect the reflection of their own movement on the super-shiny chrysalis, mistaking it for a threat to themselves,” reports Oddity Central.