California Highway Patrol CHP Carpool Dummy
Photo credit: CHP Baldwin Park
A California Highway Patrol officer in Glendora recently came across one of the most realistic carpool dummies to date, complete with a face mask, glasses, and baseball hat. What caught the officer’s eye was that this passenger in a Toyota Tacoma wasn’t moving at all during rush hour near the Grand Avenue exit, which prompted him to pull alongside the truck. However, it was due to the illegal window tint that prompted him to pull the driver over. Read more to see the full image and additional information.

California Highway Patrol CHP Carpool Dummy
The minimum fine in California for a carpool violation is $490, so this driver will expect to pay quite a bit for these shenanigans, which by the way, they got away with for 1.5-years. On the bright side, the dummy was not confiscated, so at least the driver has one thing going for them.

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We have seen mannequins or dummies in the past, but this was unlike anything we have seen before. It was the most complete dummy I’ve ever seen. He had the ball cap, the glasses, even the mask. The only thing it didn’t have was life,” said CHP Officer Rodrigo Jimenez.