Runaway Tire Jeep Crash New Jersey
This may appear to be a scene out of a movie, but it actually happened. The driver of a Jeep narrowly escaped serious injury after a runaway truck tire smashed into the front-end of his vehicle. Fortunately, a driver managed to capture the entire incident on camera where the large tire can be seen rolling down Route 440 in Edison, New Jersey Wednesday afternoon. The tire crossed over a concrete barrier, missed several other cars, before colliding with the Jeep. Read more for the footage.

The Jeep driver, identified by ABC 7 as John Rice, a police officer from Piscataway, New Jersey, said that when he first saw the tire, his main concern was keeping his wife and children, who were in a car in front of his, safe. He says that the tire missed their car and hit his, and thankfully, only a few minor injuries were sustained.