Casio ESP8266 Wi-Fi Calculator
Students are finding new ways to make life easier on themselves without getting caught, and the latest comes in the form of a seemingly normal Casio fx-991MS calculator. At first glance, this would not make anyone look twice, but upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that the small solar cells have been replaced with a 128×32 OLED and an ESP8266 Wi-Fi module. The result? An internet-connected cheating device.

There’s also a stealthy user interface that can be controlled with magnets rather than physical buttons. What can this calculator do now? How about fetch pre-uploaded data from the mobile development platform Firebase, whether it formulas for a science test or just about anything that you would need to memorize. Yes, you can use magnets hidden in a pen cap to control the interface rather than having to push any buttons.

Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX II CAS Color Graphing Calculator with Student Software (PC/Mac)
  • Color Screen. The screen size is 320 x 240 pixels (3.5 inches diagonal) and the screen resolution is 125 DPI; 16-bit color
  • Rechargeable battery included. Can last up to two weeks on a single charge
  • Handheld-Software Bundle. Includes the TI-Inspire CX Student Software delivering enhanced graphing capabilities and other functionality.

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