China Fake Toys Police Gunndam
Photo credit: The Paper
Shanghai police arrested 25 suspects over a counterfeit anime toys / figure operation that netted over $42,000,000 USD. It all kicked off when back in June, police in the Huangpu district received a tip from an unnamed source and discovered these roughly made toys being sold in many shops, which included famous brands like Bandai Namco, Megahouse and Nintendo.

China Fake Toys Police Gundam
On August 8th, the police captured the suspects in the cities of Guangzhou and Dongguan, seizing more than 1 million fake anime toys as well as over 1,200 molds. They confirmed these were the counterfeiters as a number of manufacturing tools and vehicles were also found. Japanese company Bandai Namco was so pleased with this bust that they sent a limited edition Golden Unicorn Gundam model and a plaque to the Huangpu branch of Shanghai public security bureau.


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