China Yutu-2 Lunar Rover Gel Far Side Moon
China recently had to stop their exploration of the moon’s far side after their Yutu-2 rover discovered a mysterious gel-like substance with an “unusual colour”, according to the scientists. It was found in a small crater, and so far, they believe it’s melted glass from a meteor strike, but have not yet been able to confirm this. Read more for a video and additional information.

Scientists observing Yutu-2 were initially preparing to deactivate the solar-powered rover during mid-day to protect it from the sun’s high temperature radiation, which reaches its apex at that time, when the team discovered a small crater containing a material with a color and sheen unlike any other on the lunar surface. They have not yet disclosed the results of the visible infrared spectrometer (VNIS) test on the material, but we’ll be sure to hear more about it in an official press release.

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