Astrography enthusiast Seán Doran created this amazing time-lapse video of comet NEOWISE using footage captured by astronauts a board the International Space Station. As of last week, the comet was about magnitude (visual brightness) 4, but binoculars are necessary near urban areas to locate it. Unfortunately, the comet is getting further from the Sun and Earth, while a brightening waxing crescent moon is beginning to interfere with dark skies. Read more for the clip and additional information.

As determined from the infrared signature, the diameter of NEOWISE’s nucleus is estimated to be approximately 3-miles, and is similar in size to Comet Hyakutake as well as many short-period comets such as 2P/Encke, 7P/Pons-Winnecke, 8P/Tuttle, 14P/Wolf, and 19P/Borrelly. Many astronomers suggest that the comet could eventually become a great comet, or one that becomes exceptionally bright.

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