Couple Solar Self-Built Tent Raft
If money is no object, a luxurious sprinter van conversion or expedition vehicle may be an option for those seeking to live off-the-grid, but for everyone else, they need to get creative. Creativity is exactly what Jojo and Norah put first with their solar-powered raft. The 2.9-meter x 7-meter raft was designed mainly to float around Sweden’s lakes on the Dalsland Canal with their living space being inside a Sibley 500 Protech tent. read more for a look inside and additional information.

Two 150-watt solar panels connected to three batteries provide all the power needed, while propulsion comes from a small motor and steering mechanism on the platform. Most surprising of all, it only took the couple a few days to complete, as they started with a few barrels before building the frame and then a floor. Lastly, the structure for the text was built atop the floor. Should they need reach land, there’s a canoe attached to the raft. Yes, there is a composting toilet, but going in the woods is a much easier experience since there won’t be anything to clean up.

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Couple Solar Self-Built Tent Raft

I love water. So, it’s nice to be surrounded by it and jump in it whenever I want and to go for a swim. It does feel like a neverending summer holiday. Since my childhood, I always liked to build stuff. But I never thought I’d build something like this to live on. But there’s so much knowledge on the internet that you can find. So, whatever you can think of you can also make it,” said Jojo and Norah.

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