Utah-based Culper Precision recently unveiled a customization option for their Gen 3 / Gen 4 Glock 19 pistols that make them look like they are built from real LEGO bricks. Called Block19, they were immediately issued a take down order by LEGO, which could mean that nobody was able to purchase one of these $549 – $765 pistols before the option was discontinued. Read more for a short video on the weapon and additional information.

It’s true that federal law prohibits toys from being manufactured to look like guns, the reverse does not apply to handguns. However, the state of New York bans people from disguising firearms as something else, which could make this particular LEGO-style Glock illegal there, but the same may not be true in other states.

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LEGO DC Batman: Batman Cowl 76182 Collectible Cowl Building Kit Batman Model (410 Pieces)
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Our business is taking a firearm of known value and transforming it into a personalized invaluable treasure for a fair price. People have the right to customize their property to make it look like whatever they want,” said the company.