Deepfake Static Photo Audio Animated

London’s Imperial College and Samsung’s AI researchers have developed a new algorithm that can turn a static photo and audio file into an animated singing video portrait. Similar to other deepfake AI algorithms, this one also uses machine learning to generate their output, and even though the clips may be rough around the edges, it shows just what is possible in the future for better or worse. Read more for two videos showing the algorithm in-action, all created from a static photos and audio files.

“Getting a bit wackier, why not have everyone’s favorite mad monk, Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, belting out the Beyoncé classic ‘Halo’? What a karaoke night that would be. Or how about a more realistic example: generating video that not only matches the input audio, but is tweaked to communicate a specific emotion. Remember, all that was needed to create these clips was a single picture and an audio file. The algorithms did the rest,” reports The Verge.


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