Denmark Undersea Eysturoy Tunnel
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The Eysturoyar tunnel network is set to open in the remote Faroe Islands and it looks to be a set from a science fiction movie. Spanning 7-miles, it runs beneath Skálafjørður fjord, connecting the islands of Streymoy and Eysturoy. This tunnel network and its undersea roundabout will drastically reduce journey times to the Faroe Islands’ capital Torshavn from many locations, including the Torshavn to Runavik route. It will slice it from 34 miles to a mere 10.5 miles. Read more for a video and additional information.

On the technical side, this undersea tunnel has three tubes which meet at an underwater roundabout, 238-feet below the surface of the Skálafjørður fjord. The main entrance from Tórshavn to the roundabout measures 24,475-feet and resurfaces by the village of Hvítanes, making it the second longest sub-sea road tunnel in the world, surpassed only by the Ryfast tunnel at Stavanger in Norway. For added safety, no incline in the tunnel is steeper than 5%, and the lowest point is 620 feet below the water’s surface.

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Denmark Undersea Eysturoy Tunnel

The Eysturoy tunnel is planned to open the 19 of December 2020. It has a spectacular roundabout under the Atlantic Ocean. It will be decorated by the famous Faroese artist Trondur Patursson, with a ring of people dancing the traditional Faroese dance,” said Teitur Samuelsen, CEO of Estunlar, to Fox News.