Diamond Wafer 25-Exabytes Quantum Memory Blu-ray Disc
This small 1.96-inch (5-centimeter) diamond wafer can store up to 25-exabytes of data and designed for use as quantum memory capable of recording 1-billion Blu-ray discs. Researchers from Japan’s Saga University and Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co. have developed a new process for growing diamond wafers, called Kenzan Diamonds, on a stepped substrate instead of a traditional flat substrate, thus reducing stress while allowing them to grow larger.

Diamond Wafer 25-Exabytes Quantum Memory Blu-ray Disc
Their new process also reduces the amount of nitrogen gas required to accelerate the diamond’s growth, leading to higher purity levels. The ultimate goal for the researchers is to commercialize the diamond wafers by 2023, as they can be used as power control for transmission, electric vehicles, 6G connectivity, quantum computing and more. Although not as practical, this iPhone Z Concept does come with 90 diamonds.

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Diamond Wafer 25-Exabytes Quantum Memory Blu-ray Disc

A 2-inch diamond wafer theoretically enables enough quantum memory to record 1 billion Blu-ray discs. This is equivalent to all the mobile data distributed in the world in one day, and fits on one diamond wafer,” according to the press release.


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