EcoCapsule Pod

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Finally, after nearly a year of being in the concept and prototype stages, Nice Architects’ EcoCapsule finally goes on sale. Just to recap, this is basically a pod-shaped micro home that lets you live off-the-grid, anywhere in the world. Limited to just an initial run of 50-pods, this solar-powered dwelling comes equipped with insulated fiberglass, along with an aluminum shell with four wheels for simple transport. It can be moved or dropped in place via a crane or helicopter, thanks to two hooks up top. Inside its cozy 27-square-foot interior, you’ll find a convertible sofa bed, bathroom w/shower + composting toilet, a kitchenette, desk space, and most important of all, electricity hookups. When its 10kWh battery is fully charged, guests will a minimum of 4-days of powere with a 2.2 kW per day usage, all monitored via a companion smartphone app. Pricing starts at $86,000USD and will begin shipping in early 2017. Click here to view the more images in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading to see the five most popular viral videos today, including one of the worst Wi-Fi password ever.

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