Elden Ring Virtual Reality VR Mod Gameplay
Developer Luke Ross’s Elden Ring virtual reality mod is exactly as it sounds, and could be very disorienting for some players. In addition to the third-person and first-person views, he also added ‘Closer’ as well as ‘R.E.A.L. Close’ modes, with the latter bringing the action even closer to the camera for a more immersive gameplay experience.

The ‘R.E.A.L. Close’ mode enables players to see the 3D environment around them without hurting the gameplay mechanics, complete with a VR quick menu that pauses the game. Just want to explore? Turn on ‘Tourist’ mode to just walk around while disabling the ability for non playable characters and bosses to attack you. There’s no word yet on when this mod will be released, but Ross plans on doing so through his Patreon page. Combine this mod with the Virtuix Omni One Virtual Reality Treadmill, and you’ve got an unforgettable experience.

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Elden Ring Virtual Reality VR Mod Gameplay

Third-person in this game is really far away [about 5 meters on average] and that doesn’t work very well in VR. Instead of being in the thick of action, you’re kind of like ‘Hey, is something going on over there?’ Nevertheless, I’m going to leave the original camera as an option for purists. I’ll probably also add an intermediate, close-third-person camera. But I think the first-person camera is where it’s at,” said Ross.

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