ElectReon Wireless Charging Roads
If ElectReon’s wireless charging roads are implemented on a larger scale worldwide, future electric vehicles may not be required to ever use a standard charging station again. The system works continuously, as the coils transmit energy both at parking spaces when the vehicle is standing and while traveling. Over the coming weeks, further trials in Tel Aviv are expected to take place in order to test the performance of the system under varying operating conditions. Read more for two videos and additional information.

The company is currently deploying their infrastructure in Tel Aviv to demonstrate the prominent advantages of the electric road system. This version hides the entire coil infrastructure and for the first time, all charging points along the dynamic section are buried below the road surface. This setup allows for installation in any location and provides a complete solution to the Tel Aviv Municipality’s vision of efficiently electrifying transportation in the city without adding visual elements that take up valuable space.

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The pilot demonstrates the implementation of charging a bus fleet in an urban environment – enabling ongoing operation, reduced battery size, and charging of other vehicles using the same infrastructure. This demonstrates Electreon’s unique ability to provide a commercial fleet solution that combines static charging at the terminal and dynamic charging while traveling,” said the company.

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