Elidefire Extinguishing Ball Fire
At first glance, the Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball may look like a toy, but when the flame hits the ball, it activates and dispersing a radius of mono ammonium phosphate powder that extinguishes the fire almost immediately. That’s right, in just 3-5 seconds and the fire will be completely out. One practical use case is if you’re not not home and a fire starts, the ball will automatically activate and put it out.

The ball itself is relatively lightweight at just 3-pounds, and around the size of a soccer ball. Whether if you mount this on a wall or need to throw it directly into flames, its chemical power is not diminished by any means. As you can see, the demonstration mainly has someone throwing the ball into a contained box fire, but should an entire room or house be up in flames, more than one will most certainly be required.

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The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball, a Revolutionary new product that will bring an additional line of defense to fire prevention and suppression solutions. We are devoted to making the world a safer place by providing innovative firefighting solutions that reduce property damage, environmental damage and most importantly reduce the loss of life,” said the company.

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