Elon Musk SpaceX Rocket Mars Moon

Elon Musk’s shiny new SpaceX Starship is aiming for Mars, but we could see it aid in the construction of a moon base even sooner. “Starship will also be good for creating a base on the moon. We’ll probably have a base on the moon before going to Mars,” said Musk in an interview with Popular Mechanics published Monday. The stainless steel rocket is being built at the company’s facility near Brownsville, Texas, and a shorter test version is designed for low altitude “hop” flights, which will not reach orbit. Read more for another video and additional information.

“SpaceX is building Starship to transport humans and cargo beyond Earth’s orbit. Musk has advertised Starship as being able to transport up to 100 people to Mars. The company is also deep in development of the Raptor engine that will power Starship. Earlier in February, Musk showed off a photo and videos of the company test firing Raptor in a series of tweets,” reports CNBC.

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