Engineer Apex Legends Loot Box Tick Robot
Software engineer and gamer Graham Watson of The3DPrintSpace turned the Apex Legends loot box into a real robot, called Loot Tick. Standing 2.5-feet tall, it’s fully capable of walking around, thanks to individual articulating legs, complete with a triangular head sporting three LED lights on each side that mimic the loot box opening animation. Powering everything is a Raspberry Pi 4 mini computer running custom software. Read more for a video and additional information.

One issue he ran into was that the legs didn’t have enough room for the servo motors, which meant Watson had to test around 10 different designs before coming up with something able to hold its weight, while still also articulate motions. The main goal was to keep it as light as possible without it breaking down under a bit of force.

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I wanted this thing to be as true to the game as physically possible, but obviously the loot bot in the game was never designed to be something that exists in real life. It’s only designed to look as cool as possible, not actually account for motors or servos, joints, electronics, gravity, physics, etc,” said Watson to PC Gamer.