F-16 Fighter Pilot Eject Dashcam

A California driver managed to capture dashcam footage of an F-16 fighter jet pilot ejecting just moments before the plane crashes into a warehouse. One warehouse worker said he heard the deafening noise of the jet seconds before it smashed through the roof of the building near a Southern California air base. “Next thing I know I just hear this explosion and turn around to the back of the building, and I just seen a burst of flames and just the ceiling started falling through every part of the building. I turned around, and my co-worker just told me to get out, so I just made a run for it,” Daniel Gallegos told KABC-TV. Read more for the dashcam footage and additional information.

“The NORAD alert aircraft was flying with a standard armament configuration as part of its Operation Noble Eagle commitments. Every effort is being made to ensure that the public’s safety is being met. Due to the nature of this type of an incident, the recovery process is extremely involved,” said Col. Tom McNamara, vice commander of the 452nd Air Mobility Wing at March Air Reserve Base.

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