Would you turn your Xbox 360 into a tissue box/alarm clock? Unfortunately, that’s not the only pointless mod you’ll find in this list. View all after the jump.

PS3 Grill

Here’s a prime example of how not to mod your game console: a group of modders decided to convert this brand new PlayStation 3 into a functional “George Foreman”-style grill.

PlayStation 2 Toaster

Created by Ryou-chan, this functional PlayStation 2 toaster is great for playing games, but not making toast.

Upon removing the ps2 from its case, we discovered that we would have to use a 4-slice toaster. Oh, and if I remember correctly, we had to saw off some little parts of the ps2’s case that couldn’t be unscrewed. The whole project was done in an afternoon, and it was easier than I thought it would be. The playstation works as well as it ever did. As far as I know, the only possible risk is the toaster becoming magnetized and screwing up the electronics


XBox 360 Tissue Alarm Clock Mod

Here’s a first: an “XBox 360 Tissue-Dispensing Alarm Clock Case Mod” — which features “not only intense tissue-dispensing action, but a snazzy EL-based alarm clock.”

…the Xbox 360 case mod sheds all such constraints such as “functionality” and “reason” for a case mode made especially in our honor


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