Fortnite Marshmello Concert

Electronic DJ Marshemllo performed a live concert in Fortnite: Battle Royale this weekend, or to be more specific, 2PM ET, at Pleasant Park, but for those who missed the event, there are already replay videos available for you to watch. Previous events lasted only a few minutes, but as you an see, this one definitely carried on for much longer, complete with giant smiley emoji balloons for the players to interact with. Read more to watch a 2.5-hour replay and reaction of the event.

“While the concert is the main event, developer Epic has also added some in-game challenges in the lead-up. The challenges are called “showtime,” and will unlock a handful of Marshmello-themed goodies including an emote, spray, and harvesting tool. If you’re really into the DJ, though, you can also spend 1,500 vbucks on a light-up Marshmello skin, or 500 for the new ‘marsh walk’ emote,” according to The Verge.

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