Vantablack Darkest Material

Photo credit: Reddit
Developed by Surrey NanoSystems in the United Kingdom, Vantablack is currently the darkest known material on Earth, absorbing up to 99.96% of visible light (at 663 nm if the light is perpendicular to the material). It’s composed of a forest of vertical tubes “grown” on a substrate using a modified chemical vapor deposition process (CVD), so when light strikes the material, instead of bouncing off from it, the beams become trapped and is continually deflected amongst the tubes, eventually becoming absorbed and dissipating into heat. This is what a basketball looks like when coated in Vantablack.

15. Squared

Some starfish can be born squared because of birth defects.

14. Like a Boss

majestic.                                AF.

13. Perfectly Aligned


12. The Stripes

This is what a tiger's skin looks like when it's shaved

11. Frozen in Time

Seafoam captured with high speed photography

10. You Know It’s Cold, When…

This toilet froze and burst

9. Relic from the Past

The sacred Jedi texts

8. Tiny

A very small 3D printed octopus

7. Cheese

Son, look at the camera and smile..

6. Century

What 100 years of Climate Change has done to Arctic Glaciers.

5. Cozy

Cabin / House Porn

4. Empty Magic Kingdom

Here’s the view from my “Office” at the end of the night.

3. Epic

Iron Man Mark III Torso

2. Hidden

Boom boxes

1. In an Alternate Universe

Kitty heroes.

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