Fortnite Public Service Announcement Signs
Photo credit: Polygon
Fortnite public service announcement signs kick off the week 10 challenges for the season 9 Battle Pass, and they’re located in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant and Mega Mall. Players need to find five of these public service announcement signs – big screens that display a red warning sign – to complete this challenge, and those who are successful will be rewarded with five Battle Stars. All three areas each have more than five signs, which means you can select one and then visit all of the signs there. Read more for a video tutorial, map and additional information.

Neo Tilted signs are spread evenly across the area, which means using a vehicle like The Baller, enables you to move around quickly and safely. Mega Mall signs can be found in the main building, making it easy to visit all five in a single match. However, the easiest area to find signs would probably be Pressure Plant since all of them are in the south side, but building material may be needed to move around efficiently.

Fortnite Public Service Announcement

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