Novosibirsk Siberian Maldives Instagram
Photo credit: Tweezer_nsk | Maldives_nsk via Engadget
A Russian energy company has warned Instagram users not to swim in a stunning turquoise lake nicknamed the “Siberian Maldives”, also called the “Novosibirsk Maldives,” because it’s actually a coal plant’s ash dump filled with harmful metal oxides and calcium salts. “In the last week, our ash dump has become a celebrity on social networks,” said the Siberian Generating Company, warning Instagrammers or any potential visitors to not to drink the water and stating that even “skin contact with the water can lead to an allergic reaction”. Read more for a video and additional information.

As you can guess, even with these warnings, several photos have surfaced on Instagram, with some even showing women in bikinis lying on the ash dump’s dirt banks and of visitors riding inflatable animals on the waters. Yes, there are those who have actually gone for a swim and claim the taste of the water is “chalky” and “sweet” or one claiming that it smells of “laundry detergent”. The water’s pH is higher than 8, said the company.