Freedom Cove Island

Building something on an artificial island isn’t anything new – Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong International Airport, etc. – but rarely do we see one floating miles from civilization. Introducing Freedom Cove. Built by Canadian couple Wayne Adams and Catherine King, the complex consists of 12 separate platforms, which support wooden buildings, greenhouses, a lighthouse, along with living spaces that are all interconnected through wooden pathways. Fruit and vegetables are grown year round in several greenhouses, while electricity is generated through solar panels / photovoltaic energy generators. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Fresh drinking water is collected via rain during the winter, and also from a nearby waterfall across the bay during summer. In the past, they also kept hens in a coop, but decided to let them go because after a large number of predators kept eating the chickens. Want to visit? You’ll need to take a charter tour from Vancouver island to visit the amazing float house.