Fujimfilm Magnetic Tape 580TB
Fujifilm recently announced that it has achieved a world record 317 Gbpsi recording density with data storage tapes using a new magnetic particle called Strontium Ferrite (SrFe)4. The team collaborated with IBM Research to mark the development of landmark technology that can produce data cartridges with the capacity of 580 terabytes (TB), approximately 50 times greater than the capacity of current cartridges, or the data equivalent to 120,000 DVDs. Read more for a video and additional information.

Strontium Ferrite is a highly magnetic and stable material, used primarily as a raw material in magnets for motors. It maintains high performance even when processed into fine particles. Fujifilm has applied proprietary technology to successfully turn these ultra-fine SrFe magnetic particles for use in magnetic tape media. That’s right, they’ve evolved their proprietary NANOCUBIC magnetic tape technology to further increase recording density by adding trace elements and modifying blending conditions to produce ultra-fine SrFe magnetic particles that are 60% smaller than the BaFe particles currently used on data storage tape.

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The world’s data storage needs are increasing exponentially with HD 4K/8K video, IoT/ICT, hybrid cloud environments,10 and the proliferation of ‘big data’ analysis. Emerging technologies like smart manufacturing, connected vehicles and hybrid cloud environments ensure data will continue its growth trajectory. ‘Cold data,’ stored long-term and rarely accessed, is said to account for over 80% of all data stored today and is increasing in its value to businesses.

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