Fujifilm SX800 Surveillance Camera
Fujifilm introduces the SX800 surveillance camera, a long-range camera module with an optically stabilized 40x zoom lens capable of zooming in on objects over half-a-mile away (0.6 miles). It features a 1/1.8″ image sensor, a long focal length range of 20 mm to 800 mm, additional 1.25x zoom (1000mm equivalent focal length), and state-of-the-art image processing technology, which makes this ideal for aerial surveillance. Read more for a video demonstration and additional information.

Aside from the high-quality zoom optics, the SX800 boasts powerful combined optical / electronic image stabilization mechanism that provides angle correction of up to ±0.22 degrees, while its integrated high-speed autofocus sharply focuses on an image in less than a second. In inclement weather? A fog filter and heat haze reduction technology is intgrated to prevent weather interference. This camera will be available for purchase on July 26th at a yet to be announced price.