Nintendo Switch Arcade

The Nintendo Switch is great on-the-go or docked to a larger display, and if the latter is your preference, then you might want to check out this DIY full-size arcade machine of sorts. To build your own, you’ll need two MDF boards (4′ x 8′), 24′ of pine molding / dowels, a sheet of acrylic (18″ x 24″), a pair of cabinet hinges (full overlay, 1/2″) with installation, an assortment of screws (esp. 1″ wood screws), wood glue, drywall putty / spackling, non-water-based paint & primer, painter’s tape, and black poster board. On the technical side, you’ll of course need a Switch console with dock, an 18″ – 24″ display, two NES30 Arcade Stick controllers, an 18″ LED light fixture, and a 4.5 cubic ft. mini fridge. Continue reading to see more awesome custom arcade cabinets.

5. Cuphead Arcade Cabinet

Cuphead Arcade Cabinet

Reddit user xiubeda, also known as John Sellers, has created a custom arcade cabinet dedicated to the fun retro-inspired game “Cuphead”. It’s not just a cabinet decorated with Cuphead decals, as its coin slot opens up to show off the Xbox that was integrated directly into the machine itself, and as you can see in the gameplay video above, everything is functioning in the throwback system.

4. PortaPi Mini Tabletop Arcade Cabinet

PortaPi Mini Tabletop Arcade Cabinet

The PortaPi Arcade is basically a desktop-sized, fully functional, arcade cabinet that measures in at just under 13 x 10 x 10 inches (HxWxD), complete with an ample 10.1″ display. This DIY kit turns a Raspberry Pi (Model B, B+, Pi2, Pi3), or other tiny computer, into a fully functional Mini Tabletop Arcade. All of the kits include detailed instructions, along with photos and diagrams showing exactly how to assemble your tiny arcade.

3. Tiny Circuits Arcade Cabinet

Tiny Circuits Arcade Cabinet

If you’ve ever wanted to store an arcade cabinet right in your backpack, Tiny Circuits has just the kit for you. Despite its size, this machine still boasts a functional joystick, two buttons and on OLED display. Inside, there’s a USB connector and an SD card slot to add additional games. You can choose from several different finishes, including wood, acrylic or even a sleek 3D printed design.

2. R-Kaid-R


R-Kaid-R (Arcader) is a handcrafted arcade machine that lets you enjoy all the classics, including Pac-Man and Asteroids. This solid wood folding console can store over 10,000 emulated games, and players can also add their own favorites through USB. Best of all, when fully charged, you get a full seven hours of gameplay.

1. Largest Arcade Machine

Largest Arcade Machine

Network engineer Jason Camberis from Chicago spent nearly two years building the world’s largest arcade machine, and it stands 4.41 m tall and 1.06 m deep. The fully-functional arcade machine has over 200 classic arcade games built-in, including Pac-Man and Dragon Spirit. Players can use the giant buttons and 16 in glass track ball to recreate the excitement of old school cabinets, once they climb the stairs that come out from the bottom to reach the controls that is.

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