Altwork Station

Photo credit: Wired via Hi Consumption

The futuristic Altwork Station is specifically engineered to allow users to use their computer while standing, reclined, or even laying on their backs. How? It uses high-powered magnets to hold the crucial components – mousepad, keyboard and mouse – in “Focus” mode, so that they’re not tumbling onto the floor. Customers can also choose from several color schemes as well as the desk material. Expect to shell out $5,900 for one when it hits stores. Continue reading for two more videos and additional information.

“The entire workstation shifts around them, with the computer monitor hanging over their head and the desk running perpendicular to the body. A system of magnets keeps in place the accessories that would otherwise slide right into a person’s lap. Altwork’s creation isn’t meant to keep its users locked in a reverse planking position; the primary goal is to get people to change how they are seated over the course of the day,” said The Daily Dot.

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