Game Boy Advance SP LEGO Bricks
Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance SP in 2003 and two decades later, Miguel of Retro Stash Repairs has built a working LEGO replica of the handheld game console. Keeping the bulkiness to a minimum required gluing pieces together rather than stacking them like you normally would.

Miguel did use the original L and R trigger buttons, but a power drill was needed to create the slots for both the buttons as well as charging slot. After countless hours of work, the LEGO Game Boy Advance SP plays just like its real-life counterpart, since it uses the original motherboard. The coolest part is that you can build on top of this console, as in stack new pieces atop the existing ones. As for weight, the original weighs in at 142-grams, and we imagine this one being at least twice as heavy.

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