GameCube Handheld Console RetroBlock2
Successor to the N64 controller, the GameCube version evolves that design in many ways, including a more conventional handlebar style shape, while a second analog stick was added, replacing the C buttons with a C stick and the X and Y face buttons, last seen on the Super Nintendo controller. Pierre-Louis Boyer is such a fan of the design that he used it as inspiration for a handheld game console, called the RetroBlock2.

Think of the RetroBlock2 as a GameCube controller meets Game Boy Advance, or to be more specific, a halved version with a 3.5-inch LCD in the middle. Since no other previous console sports a similar design, nearly all of the parts had to be custom fabricated, with many being 3D-printed. It’s designed to run RetroPie, which supports emulation for many different consoles, like the N64, PlayStation, SEGA Genesis, etc. Once a few more things are worked out, Pierre plans to launch it on Kickstarter.

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