League of Legends Aether Wing

Photo credit: Elmins Cosplay | H/T: Kotaku

A gamer who goes by “Elmins” on social media wanted to make a real-life League of Legends Aether Wing Kayle costume, and hundreds of hours later, the result is what you see above. “You can see it’s controlled via an Android app, but it can be controlled via a keypad (Connected via a repurposed ethernet socket/cable). The chest piece is loosely hung in front. The video doesn’t show the small feathers rotating, the various lighting modes (Of course it has a sweet rave strobe mode), and the structured sequencing. It’s programmed to do the entire opening/close sequences in 1 button press each (among other sequences), with varying lighting and coordinated servo motor moment,” said Elmins. What’s even more surprising is that this was his first attempt at making a cosplay outfit. Continue reading for a video of a real-life “Braver” pen gun. Click here to view the first image in this week’s funny work pictures gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a real “Stinger” pen gun.

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