Portal Wheatley

Photo credit: The Prop Solve

For those who don’t follow the games, Wheatley is basically artificial intelligence from the Portal franchise – first introduced in Portal 2. He’s voiced by British comedian Stephen Merchant, and created in part by Portal 2‍ ’​s designer Erik Wolpaw. To date, he has appeared in Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards and Lego Dimensions. Initially serving as a comedic foil to the player-character Chell during the first half of Portal 2, Wheatley becomes the main antagonist of the second half. Modder Evie Bee decided to make a real-life version. Continue reading for two more Whatley videos.

Wheatley was also designed with the intention of writing a video game character who spoke informally which Wolpaw stated gave the sensation that the events were really happening and that this was something players do not often see in video games. He also stated that sidekicks in video games have never “sounded as if they were just making things up as you go along”. While they later discovered that Merchant was famous in the United Kingdom, they noted that he was not chosen for his fame.