Star Wars Wedding Photos

Mezame Shashin-ka, a Singapore-based photographer, specializes in incorporating science fiction themes into his work, and a newly-engaged couple approached him with a special request: an out of this world, Star Wars-themed wedding photo shoot. It took weeks to plan, partially due to the handcrafted lightsabers. Shashin-ka said: “Being Star Wars fans, they decided to portray themselves as Jedi Knights who have fallen in love with one another. Together, they are ready to battle the evil Galactic Empire together. It sees the groom-to-be Jedi turn from the Light Side of the Force to the Dark Side and eventually go through some sort of redemption mid-battle with his wife-to-be to return to the Light Side again (hence, why he took out the Sith groomsmen).” To capture the photos, he used a Canon 5D Mark III, two Bowens GM500 strobes, two Canon 580EX II flashes, and a smoke machine. Continue reading to see some of the best shots from the shoot.

Star Wars Wedding


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