Google Tulip
Google may become the champion of April Fools’ Day pranks if they keep this up, as they’ve unveiled yet another product that sounds cool, but will never become a reality. This service can be setting Google Assistant on your phone or the Google Home smart speaker to the English language and saying “Talk to Tulip Translator.” In other words, they can now they communicate with humans when they require assistance, such as water, light or some more space. “Socially, it turns out that plants, and particularly tulips, are very chatty, and make for great friends. Tulips are excellent listeners and when listened to carefully, give sound advice,” said Google. Read more to see it in-action.

“Google claims to have solved the challenge of speaking with plants. This initiative is based on what the company calls ‘Neural Machine Translation.’ Google is working with the Wageningen University & Research to map tulip signals to human language. Folks over at Google were able to add Tulipish as a language to Google Home’s recently introduced Interpreter Mode, which is only available today on April 1, 2019,” reports Republic World.

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