Google Maps NES Nintendo Entertainment System
Way back in 2012, Google released a video showing Google Maps 8-Bit for the NES as an April Fools’ Day joke. This version would let NES users search for famous landmarks and sites around the world, complete with 8-bit Street View. You could also get detailed directions to avoid dangerous paths or battle your way through a world of powerful monsters and mystic treasures. Read more for a video of a programmer who brought this joke to life in 2021.

This wasn’t a straight forward mod, as this programmer had to first learn how to create a custom NES cartridge to house the Raspberry Pi computer and FX2LP microcontroller required for the Google Maps mod. Next, Bing Maps was used for their aerial imaging data, which was then converted into a tiled 16×16 grid, similar to what you would see in The Legend of Zelda. The end result is a pixelated version of what you’d see on Google Earth that can be navigated with an NES controller.

LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course 71360 Building Kit, Interactive Set Featuring Mario, Bowser Jr. and Goomba Figures (231 Pieces)
  • Fans can begin exploring the fun-packed LEGO Super Mario universe with this Adventures with Mario Starter Course 71360, featuring 7 action bricks for different interactions with the LEGO Mario figure
  • LEGO Mario has a color sensor, plus LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly to display over 100 different instant reactions to movement; Also included is a speaker that plays iconic sounds and music from the video game
  • In this super toy playset, LEGO Mario collects virtual coins as he runs and jumps from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole via LEGO bricks, cloud platforms, the Question Mark Block and clashes with the Goomba figure and Bowser Jr
  • This 231-piece, collectible LEGO toy playset makes a cool birthday or holiday gift for kids aged 6+ who can build and play their own way and learn to solve problems while having lots of creative fun
  • Rearrange the Starter Course and combine with LEGO Super Mario Expansion Sets to create more challenging levels and games to play with and against friends

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