Google Search App Augmented Reality Animals
The Google Mobile Search now has a new card that brings augmented reality animals into the real world. How does it work? You’ll need an AR-enabled phone and then simply just search for alpine goats, angler fish, bears, emperor penguins, European hedgehogs, lions, tigers, dogs, cats and timberwolves. Next, click the “Meet a life-sized animal up close” card, and they come to life in front of your eyes through an AR filter. Read more for two videos and additional information.

“The card also has a ‘View in your space’ button that places an animated version of that animal in the environment you’re in. You can move them around and resize them — they even come with appropriate visual and sound effects. The tiger roars, the dog barks and scratches its ears, the panda chews on a piece of bamboo and the cat licks its paws and cleans itself,” reports Engadget.


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