Google Quantum Computer Computing Time Crystal
Google’s quantum computer has reportedly made a real time crystal, which is essentially a new phase of matter that turns the traditional laws of thermodynamics upside down. To be more specific, time crystals are objects whose parts move in a regular, repeating cycle, sustaining this constant change without burning any energy. This means you literally evade the second law of thermodynamics. Read more for a video and additional information.

Time crystals are also the first objects to spontaneously shatter the time-translation symmetry, or the usual rule that a stable object will remain the same throughout time. Why? A time crystal is stable as well as ever-changing, with special moments that come at periodic intervals in time. Not only does it have order, but also perfect stability despite being in an excited and evolving state.

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This is just this completely new and exciting space that we’re working in now,” said Vedika Khemani, a condensed matter physicist now at Stanford who co-discovered the novel phase while she was a graduate student and co-authored the new paper.

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