Google SkinMarks Tattoo Body Touchpad
Researchers at Google and Saarland University unveil SkinMarks, an innovative smart tattoo that basically turns human skin into electronic touch interfaces. Put simply, they are temporary and users can easily apply or remove them. How so? Place the SkinMarks somewhere on your body, use a sponge to wet the surface, and then peel the paper off carefully. It uses conductive ink and dub-millimeter electrodes for touch sensing. Read more for a video and additional information.

If this study is successful, the human body could one day be used as a surface for mobile computing. These tattoos are manufactured using screen printing technology and then heat-treated to prevent deformation, while also making them easy to apply to human skin. You can adhere them to not only flat areas, but curved ones, like the knuckles, as well. The sensors are capable of reacting to a squeeze or bend of the finger.

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The human body has various types of landmarks which are distinct from their surroundings. It offers unique possibilities for interaction due to their tactile properties and visual appearance. For example, protruding skeletal landmarks, like the knuckles, provide physical affordances for touching and circling around them,” said the researchers.