Green Fireball Australia
Astronomers and night workers on remote sites from Cape Lambert to Hope Downs in Pilbara, Australia witnessed a bright light just before 1:00am. Reports of this stunning green fireball came from as far away as the Northern Territory and South Australia. It has not yet been confirmed as a meteoroid, but some speculate that it could be the remains of a recently launched rocket.

The main reason why this is perplexing scientists is because earlier this year, they spotted a grazing fireball that actually entered the atmosphere, burned 807-miles across the Australian sky before going back out into interstellar space, and that’s what this looked like as well.

It’s absolutely stunning. It’s a ball of green … what you are seeing is a giant flash of light, it’s almost like a ball with this gorgeous long tail. What we tend to see, when objects like space debris, or if it’s a satellite burning up, what we tend to see is sort of like crackles and sparks,” said Renae Sayers from Curtin University’s Space, Science and Technology Center.

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