Guy Skydives Without Parachute

Antti Pendikainen from Finland, a self-proclaimed ‘extreme artist’, decided to jump out of a hot air balloon without a parachute. “I woke up this morning and felt like I wasn’t going to need my parachute, so f&#k it. I’m stupid and tough enough to do it without a parachute, I’m not going to need it” said Pendikainen in the video. He jumpd and his friends with parachutes follow him through the clouds. Continue reading for a video of another no-parachute skydiving stunt.

“A man known only as Travis is filmed jumping out of a plane from 9,000ft and free-falling to the ground – without a parachute. What’s more in the incredibly realistic footage, the thrillseeker flies through a hole in the roof of a building, and lands safely on a trampoline – to the applause of those waiting for him,” according to Daily Mail.