iPhone 7 Burj

TechRax has been known to destroy a few smartphones over the years, but his latest stunt may trump them all, as it took place at Dubai’s Burj Kahlifa, the world’s tallest building. “I’m going to go the 148th floor and frickin’ drop test the iPhone 7 Plus. Security is 24/7 and I may not find this phone at all,” said the vlogger. After the stunt, he tried tracking the device using “Find My iPhone”, but apparently, it sustained enough damage to not register at all when pinged. Continue reading for another drop test video, but from a slightly less terrifying 1,000-feet, using a drone.

“Today we have another extreme durability test from UnlockRiver. In today’s crazy durability review we will find out if a Starbucks cup filled with coffee can protect an iPhone 7 from an extreme drop test from 1,000 feet high,” said UnlockRiver.