Half-Life Video Game Remake Black Mesa Definitive Edition
Crowbar Collective’s Black Mesa, a stunning Half-Life 1 remake, has just gotten a new “Definitive Edition”, and it begins open beta on Steam as of today. In addition to graphical updates, several Black Mesa chapters also were fine tuned, most notably, “On a Rail,” in which the rocket silo is getting tweaked. Current owners of Black Mesa 1.0 can access the Definitive Edition beta by simply right-clicking the title in their Steam library and selecting Properties where “public-beta” appears in the dropdown menu. Read more for two videos and additional information.

The developers also are continuing their art passes to get all of the Earthbound natural environments on par with Xen. Their talented artists and level designers added brand new art for all the outdoor environments, while also refining the art previously seen in the summer beta. More information here.

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We have made large scale changes to the On A Rail rocket silo to better show the objective and subsequent solution. The rocket now gets the respect it deserves, and the chapter is a lot more nicely tied together now. We also completely relit the section to help guide the player, and to tell a better story. These changes are in addition to the revisions we made in the summer beta,” said the developers.